Convenient and Affordable Investment and Insurance

InstaLife is an investment and life insurance plan with an Automatic Acceptance feature. That means no medical exam and health questionnaire needed to be completed. You are instantly insured upon application and payment of the first premium.

pioneerdirect instalife

InstaLife is a perfect opportunity for young,  married or single individuals who would like to save and at the same time be insured without the hassle of  filling out lengthy health questionnaires and going through medical examinations.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Acceptance
    • No health questionaires
    • No medical examination
  • Policy Amount doubles in 3 years
    • Year 1: Initial Amount chosen
    • Year 2: 150% of Initial Amount
    • Year 3: 200% of Initial Amount
  • Investment Fund for long term growth of money
    • Managed Fund
    • Equity Fund
  • Death Benefit is equivalent to the Policy Amount plus the Fund Value


Due to the Automatic Acceptance feature, during the first two years of the policy death benefit is limited to accidental causes only. Illness related death will be covered commencing on the third policy year.

Product Specifications

  • Currency: Philippine Peso
  • Maximum Issue Age: 40 years old
  • Minimum Issue Age: 14 days
  • Maximum Initial Policy Amount: Ps250,000
  • Maximum Annual Premium: Ps50,000
  • Minimum Annual Premium: Ps10,000

Top-ups are not permitted.


BDO Unibank, Inc (BDO) is a full-service global bank providing a broad range of retail, commercial and corporate banking services.

Pioneer Life’s variable funds are managed by BDO Trust and Investment Group (BDO Trust) which provides solutions and strategies to achieve the varying investment objectives of its clients. It maintains its position at the forefront of the Philippines’ trust industry and has more than 835 branches in the country, and overseas representative and remittance offices in Middle East, North America, Europe and Asia. In 2014, BDO ranked as the largest bank in terms of total capital, loans, deposits, assets and trust funds under management.

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