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Embrace is a single premium variable life insurance product that allows policyholders to save through direct investment in either a Equity Fund or in an Managed Fund.

pioneerdirect embrace

Embrace is perfect for people desiring longer term growth of investments to attain their financial aims. Embrace can be used for: Investment diversification, Health Care fund, Education fund, Retirement fund, Long term fund accumulation.

Product Specification

  • Currency: Philippine Peso and US Dollar
  • Maximum Issue Age:
    • Insured – 75 years; Payor – none
  • Minimum Issue Age:
    • Insured – 14 days; Payor – 18 years
  • Policy Amount:
    • 125% of the Single Premium
    • +125% of Top Ups
    • – 125% of Withdrawals
  • Minimum Single Premium: Php 50,000 | US $ 1,000
  • Minimum Top Up: Php 20,000 | US $ 400
  • Death Benefit: Fund Value OR Policy Amount, whichever is higher
  • Policy Fee: Php 1,000
  • Available Investment Funds:
    • Equity | Managed | Dollar Bond
  • Available Riders: ADB | ADDB
  • Automatic Acceptance Limits:
    • 71 to 75 years – Php 10M
    • 56 to 70 years – Php 20M
    • 0 to 55 years – Php 40M

Applicant is accepted without medical underwriting

  • Surrender Charge:
    • 1% of the surrendered amount
  • Withdrawal Charge:
    • 2 free withdrawals per policy year
    • 1% charge on succeeding withdrawals


BDO Unibank, Inc (BDO) is a full-service global bank providing a broad range of retail, commercial and corporate banking services.

Pioneer Life’s variable funds are managed by BDO Trust and Investment Group (BDO Trust) which provides solutions and strategies to achieve the varying investment objectives of its clients. It maintains its position at the forefront of the Philippines’ trust industry and has more than 835 branches in the country, and overseas representative and remittance offices in Middle East, North America, Europe and Asia. In 2014, BDO ranked as the largest bank in terms of total capital, loans, deposits, assets and trust funds under management.

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