Insuring That Your Business and Your Family is Financially Protected is Your Obligation to Them, Not A Choice

In every business and in every home, things happen that we sometimes are not prepared for. It could be something small and easily taken care of that we can learn from and move on, or unfortunately, it can be something critical that can buckle our knees and level us completely. If it involves our business, then the results could be financially devastating and we could be ruined. If it involves our home life, then the tragedy itself is horrible enough without the burden of worry that comes along with surviving until our souls can heal.

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The issue at hand is not how we mentally and emotionally recover from things that happen in our lives beyond our control. Indeed, those type things are left up to our character, strength and resolve. Unfortunately, there are other things associated with these issues that come along whether we are ready for them or not. The financial burdens that keep coming and have no concern how mentally or emotionally sound we may be at the time.

Having Life Insurance is not something you are wasting money on every month. It is something that can be seen as an investment that will at some time be worth more than anything you could ever imagine. It isn’t a choice, or at least it shouldn’t be a choice. Life Insurance is a necessity and your obligation to your business and your family to let them know that even if you are not here at the moment to help them, you had their well-being in mind long ago and made sure that dealing with their own healing is the only burden you left them with.

If tomorrow, someone walks into your place of business, slips and falls or an item they are reaching for tumbles from above and hits them on the head and they sue you for P50 million, what will you do? If you walk into your Dr.’s office and he tells you that you, or your spouse of 35 years is dying or needs immediate surgery and neither of you are insured, what will you do? If you can not afford the incident itself alone, what do you plan on telling the lawyers you must hire, or the surgeons at the hospital?

The matters even become more desperate weeks after the initial event. This is when the normal monthly expenses begin to arrive in the mail box. Will you tell the Power Company that you are having a rough go at it right now, so if it is ok with them, could they not bother you for 3-6 months? Will you explain to the phone and water companies to come back when you are feeling better?

Life is hard on all of us. There is absolutely no reason it has to be harder. The bills will still come, the cars still need fuel and the family still will expect food on the table everyday. So why on earth would you allow this to happen if you could avoid it? You are the one the employees and your family looks upon to insure these matters are all taken care of. If you haven’t already protected them from these worries and struggles, what are you waiting for? Once life takes it’s turn, it is too late!

Having the financial protection of insurance is the only option you have to provide your business and your family with the peace of mind and security that comes with knowing that no matter what kind of unexpected twist that may be thrown at you, your business and your family will not have to struggle with the burdens that come along with the tragedy itself.

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